About Me


“The harder I try, the luckier I seem to get” —-


On our First time meeting, you will notice:

  1.  I will talk about my identical twin sister in all my conversations. (Can’t help it, she is the biggest part of my life.)
  2. I will attempt to tell you all about yourself.(Can’t help this either, upon meeting a lot of people, I have learned to recognize behaviors and it has become a big part of my art and life study.)
  3. I will always compliment your eyes. (Except if you smile, I might change my mind.)
  4. I will never forget your face, but unfortunately not the same with your name.
  5. I love giving my opinion + advice…I apologize in advance.


I have received my Bachelors in Studio Arts, from University of Sothern California Irvine.  Currently I am building my portfolio for an attempt at My  Masters in Fine Arts.

I am so thankful that throughout the years of my art practice, I  have been able to build some amazing clienteles that have helped me learn and build upon what I have been given in hand.

If you have a chance, COME visit me at my Gallery,

Aladdin Rugs & Fine Art Gallery

2237 Honolulu Ave. Montrose CA, 91020